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is coconut oil healthy for you


What comes to mind when you think about living on a pristine tropical island? A relaxed, no-stress lifestyle for sure. A healthy lifestyle full of fresh air, fresh food and plenty of activity. Forget the gym membership. The ocean, the beach and the hills provide all the exercise a person could need. Maybe you can’t make the fantasy of island living a reality just yet, but at Island Health you can learn more about some of the best, and healthiest, aspects of island life. Eating organic foods provided by nature is a big part of our focus. Enjoying foods like coconut oil, coconut flour and some of the lesser-known products that come from coconuts is a great way to connect to the island lifestyle no matter where you live. We know what you’re thinking, is coconut oil healthy?


But Wait, is Coconut Oil Healthy?


One of the biggest misconceptions about coconut oil and other coconut foods is that they’re high in “bad” saturated fats. But new studies have proven than coconut oil and a few other foods actually don’t raise cholesterol levels and don’t need to be limited. Of course, all foods that are high in fat contain more calories than low-fat foods. It’s still important to consider your overall daily calorie intake. But foods made from coconuts provide many other benefits that may outweigh—no pun intended—the concern about calories.


Products made from coconuts are naturally gluten-free and vegan. That’s why many people looking to reduce the amount of gluten in their diets rely on coconut flour for baking and cooking. Coconut oil and coconut butter are delicious plant-based replacements for dairy butter. And coconut cider vinegar is rich in amino acids and trace minerals. Many people prefer the lightly sweet taste of coconut cider vinegar over types and use it regularly when following an alkalizing diet.


Is coconut oil healthy? Yes it is! Foods made from coconuts provide more fiber, protein and healthy fats that their grain or dairy counterparts. And of course, they’re an important part of Island Health.